Skin Analyser

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The next generation Skin Analysis System delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care professionals. A newly designed capture module rotates smoothly around the subject, greatly simplifying the imaging process whilst providing greater comfort for the client. Analyse your clients skin using high resolution RGB (standard light source), UV (ultraviolet light) and PL (polarised light) imagery. Updated software allows faster image capture with automatic skin type classification, refined facial feature detection and more.

  • 100% accurate skin testing data, for precise consultations and treatment recommendations;
  • Identify skin issues such as spots, pore size, texture, wrinkles, acne and sun-damage;
  • Provides a strong visual communication tool, engaging the client and assisting the therapist;
  • Pathology analysis system with facial image capture and analysis software;
  • Sustained and effective tracking of results and progress, register images to document progress over time.
  • Easily capture high quality standardized facial images
  • Multi-point positioning system makes it easy to captures left, right and frontal facial views.

The Future of Skin Analysis

The skin analysis system can detect skin problems, not only superficial skin concerns but also those hidden in the skins base layer through quantitative analysis. It utilises three lighting sources: a RGB standard white light source / PL polarized light / UV ultraviolet light, in conjunction with an 18-million-pixel professional digital camera. This technology allows you understand each client’s unique skin type/condition to make qualitative and quantitative analysis. The powerful supporting software has an easy to use operator interface allowing numerically controlled records, save/importing files, implement detailed comparative analysis of different detection images over treatment periods to greatly enhance skin analysis and treatment course of action.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pixel: 18 Million Pixels
  • Lens: Canon Camera
  • Optical Source: RGB, PL, UV
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Machine Size: 45x46x60cm
  • Net Weight: 15kg
  • Power Supply: 110-240V

Industry Leading Training Comes to You!

Our highly-qualified industry specialists will provide your comprehensive and personalised training in the comfort of your very own salon/clinic. Everything from commissioning, safety, treatment protocols, maintenance and more will be covered. So, from the very outset you will feel comfortable and confident operating your new machine. We also understand that you may have questions along the way, that’s why we ensure you will be able to access our industry specialists whether it be via phone, Skype or email whenever you need that little extra support.

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