Hydro Chi Hydrodermabrasion

The Hydro Chi is the latest in Hydrodermabrasion skin rejuvenation technology. The Hydro Chi fuses the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly clean, exfoliate, clarify, infuse and hydrate the skin. The Hydro Chi’s hand piece works by delivery high velocity micro droplets of infused water, combined with oxygen, to provide a completely natural and absolutely pain free treatment.

Chi’s Hydrodermabrasion machine is highly effective in improving skin texture, blood circulation, collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst constantly hydrating the skin. The constant application of water ensures deep hydration and minimizes damage to the skin. It is also highly effective at treating skin issues such as pigmentation, blackheads, acne, scarring and sensitive puffy eyes.


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Voltage: AC100V~240V, 47~63Hz

Power: 150W

Tech: Vacuum,

Vacuum pressure: 70KPa

Tips: 8 pieces hydro tips and 9 diamond tips

Handle: 1pcs diamond handle,1pcs hydro handle

Package size: 49*44*50cm (1 unit/box)

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Provides non-invasive, non-surgical procedure options
  • Reliable for skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, acne scare, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin (face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and legs)
  • Reduction of age spots
  • Minimization of blotchy skin colouring
  • Reduction of acne and superficial scars from past injury
  • Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Reduction oily/dehydrated skin
  • Rejuvenation, maintenance, to improve the skins overall health
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