Why Chi is the right choice

Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics offers extensive training and support with the purchase of our new Chi China Doll Laser. We also provide our clients with a whole of business solution stocking all of the necessary post treatment skincare, consumable items, and replacement treatment heads

Not only do you get exceptional, personalised training, but you do so by our industry professionals who have years of knowledge and hands on experience in the field. You will participate in a fantastic training environment which is committed to giving you the opportunity to become the very best laser professional possible.

Upon successful completion of your training, not only will you have earned Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics industry qualification in laser safety, but you will have established a new business relationship, gained access to years of industry knowledge, marketing ideas, and dedicated personalised support.

Our qualifications

Chi’s industry professionals each have over 22 years of industry experience and have been professionally trained, gaining the following qualifications; Graduate Certificate in IPL and Laser Hair Removal, Certificate in IPL, Laser Telangiectasia and Pigmentation Treatments, Laser Safety, as well as International Diplomas in Beauty Therapy.

To this day our professionals still practice their profession in order to maintain technique precision, and continually update their knowledge of laser operation and safety. Chi’s industry professionals are also extensively qualified in terms of training and assessing, education of groups, business and management, so you get much, much more!

Upon successful completion of our courses you will receive Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics’ Laser Safety industry qualification.

China Doll Laser Course

Our Chi China Doll Laser course and has a strong focus on WHS, Laser Safety and mandatory legislative requirements associated with laser treatments within the industry. You will also have in depth training on your new Chi China Doll Laser in regards to set-up, trouble shooting, treatment function and execution.

Our focus is to deliver training which is tailored to your needs, and can range from personalised one on one training packages, to the education of small groups, aligned with your clinic/salons requirements.

Chi’s China Doll Laser course runs over a two-day period with a theory/study component outside of this.

During your training our professionals cover the following topics and treatments:

  • Laser Theory
  • Biological Effects
  • Laser Hazards
  • Hazard Controls
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Setup and Operating Instructions
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Treatment – China Doll Skin Rejuvenation
  • Treatment – Tattoo Removal
  • Treatment – Cosmetic Tattoo Removal
  • Treatment – Speckle Removal
  • Treatment – Nevus of Ota (Red Vein) Removal
  • Treatment – Birthmark Removal

What to expect

An interesting, and exciting course executed by warm, welcoming professionals all in the comfort of your very own clinic/salon!

Prior to the commencement of training, you will receive your complete Chi China Doll Laser theory manual for you to commence reading. Your Chi China Doll Laser manual contains information on laser theory, laser hazards/risks, laser safety and the equipment manual. It also contains information on relevant health legislation, client consent/history documents, treatment procedures and post treatment care.

As the course progresses you will move to the practical component where you will perform various treatments whilst under the tutelage of your very own Chi industry professional. During your course you will learn about the application of laser treatments, WHS safety, legislation, and hear firsthand case studies whilst soaking up knowledge from our internationally qualified educators.

At the completion of our course you will have an in depth knowledge of the associated WHS requirements, mandated legislation, and confidence in your application of the laser treatments practiced. You will have also started to build upon your very own portfolio of before and after photos.

Upon successful completion of our courses you will receive Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics’ Laser Safety industry qualification.

Equipment and consumables

Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics offers elite training, machines, supplies and dedicated ongoing support from the one location for your convenience. Our very own Chi China Doll Laser can be purchased as part of our training package.

Chi supplies all of the necessary post treatment skincare, consumable items, and replacement treatment heads required for your Chi China Doll Laser.

Why not call today and speak with our industry professionals to discuss your training and equipment package options.